09 April 2010

0882--Day 6 - marathon day

My last email from the camp tent - hopefully this remote blog updating thing is working out OK; sorry they're terse but we're space-constrained. Once again, thanks to all who've sent me messages - it's been great to hear everything (apart from the Arsenal score).

Yesterday was mainly spent lying down following a visit to the scalpel-jockeys, who did bad things to my feet. Off there again after this...

Marathon day today. There are a variety of reasons that I ran quite well today. One is that I just wanted to get it out the way - my feet hurt and I wanted to get off them. We've spent a while out here now and it's easier to judge what's possible given the experience I've gained. Finally, it was that bit cooler. I thought I'd run round in a pleasing 5h45 but I forgot what time we set off and apparently it was more like 5h15 - close to a miracle.

Anyone who can still move will finish tomorrow's half-marathon through the dunes, so I'm pretty much done now, which feels great!

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  1. Very, very impressed.

  2. Yo!

    Will you Plz consider running for one of the following charities in the forseeable future?

    Bar Pro Bono Unit

    Law Works

    I am attempting to raise money for charity in particularly weird ways, but anyway, I could spend massively long going on about why these charities are fantastic... not really the household name.