08 April 2010

0882--Day 4/5 - could have been worse

The first news is sad. Ben, a lovely guy in our tent, dropped out on day 3, due to illness/heat. It's a real shame and I feel for him a lot.

I was surprised not to feel too bad at the start line given what we'd done in the previous 3 days. 51mi awaited...

Stage 1 - ran with chipper Aussie tent-mate Kris. Felt good.
Stage 2 - mainly downhill through sand. A thorn went through the sole of my shoes into my foot. I turn my ankle slightly in the sand.
Stage 3 - put on iPod for the 1st time. It helps (thanks FF&D), or maybe it's the codeine. Run through the heat of the day.
Stage 4 - the first of the fast group overtakes. Walk through to 30mi.
Stage 5 - night falls as I enter the dunes. Cracknell overtakes.
Stage 6 - become a walking robot. Uphill through relentless dunes.
Stage 7 - the final 6mi is long. My feet are killing me - lots of blisters. Finish about 12.15am, better than I'd expected. Pass out.

Food ingested: oatmeal, 4x oat bars, 1x peanut M&Ms, 3 Pepperamis. Urgh.

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