04 March 2010



February drew to a close with a trip to Las Vegas, the first time I've been. No real reason for it, just an excuse to see three of my friends from medical school. The weekend was predictably savage, taking in the casinos and some excellent drinking and eating opportunities, along with nonsense like the white-knuckle rides 1,000 feet up the observation tower of the Stratosphere, a chopper visit to the Grand Canyon and multiple In'n'Out burgers.
From a running point of view, it was the first time that I've been glad of jet-lag. Instead of being enormously frustrated when I wake up before 7am, I was pleased, as it gave me the opportunity to get out early for a couple of runs. It wasn't that hot or hilly but I managed to rack up the mileage - 38mi in total over two big loops to the edge of the City, bringing me to 155mi for the whole of February, which seems like a lot until you realise that the MdS will match that over the course of just one week. Still, I'm kind of getting towards where I want to be, though I'm unsurprisingly experiencing a bit of wear-and tear - hopefully nothing terminal though...


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  1. There is no way you would even get me walking around the top of the Stratosphere, let alone going on any of those rides.
    Last time I went there was a full power cut as we were getting in the elevator up to the observation deck.
    Apparently the people left dangling over the edge of the hotel for over an hour were less than amused.