15 March 2010

The longest week

57 miles this week, culminating in today's 26 mile run. Train to Merstham, followed the North Downs Way, ended up in Guildford. Easy (or something). It was a lovely day and a pleasant-ish run, with lots of hills to keep me busy, particularly Colley Hill (above) and Box Hill (right) in the initial 8 or 9 miles.

The only problem was my right knee has started playing up - it's a similar pain to one I had when we went walking in the Pyrénées last year, over the outside of my patellar, exacerbated by going downhill. It's strangely reassuring to have had this problem before - I don't think it's a show-stopper and this week will be more relaxed than last as I start to taper down the training, so there'll be time to rest it. I think the ice pack will be making an appearance. Everything else held up pretty well, which was nice.

Lots of preparation going on now. I've ordered my shades and some electrolytes. My gaiters have arrived and I bought my cooking gear at the weekend. Various brands of freeze-dried food are here and being sampled. I still need lots more - my anti-venom pump for starters - and I think my knee problem means that it's sensible to get some walking poles for the hilly sections.

For those who keep asking - I'll send out details of the charities I'll be running for later in the week.

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