28 March 2010

Animals XI / the end of the beginning

I set off a little gingerly yesterday for a quick run on my Easterly canal/river route (one with lots of good animals).

I've not run at all for two weeks, to allow my knee pain to subside a bit. It took a while to disappear - over a week - and I decided to be mature about things rather than rush back. Somewhat to my surprise, it didn't recur on yesterday's outing so - touch wood - maybe I'm better. I'm going to work under the assumption that it will come back at some point on the MdS itself, just so I'm mentally prepared if/when it does. Fundraising has started and I'm already up to over £3.5k for three causes - click here to give. Thanks to all who've donated so generously.

Otherwise, last week was all about the kit. Yesterday was the first time I've run with my new Raidlight water bottle holders, which fit onto the straps of my rucksack - good to have done a bit of a road-test. Regular deliveries began occurring at work - food, gaiters, hiking poles, a lightweight sleeping mat etc. I'm pretty much good to go now, barring a lighter, three more breakfasts and - most importantly - some new socks. Nearly there now...

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