05 October 2009

What happens next?

First a penguin then a gorilla! My many (three) readers must be hanging on the edges of their seats, literally constipated with excitement and wondering what amazing feat will follow...

Well, sorry to disappoint. What happens next is: Dr Badenoch refers Andy to Mr Singh who diagnoses suspected inflammation of the peroneus longus tendon at the level of the cuboid bone and sends him on to Dr Vijayanathan for what is likely to be an ultrasound-guided steroid injection (tomorrow). Brilliant and in no way frustrating. I'll probably not be running for another three weeks or so - just what you want exactly 6 months before a 155 mile run.


  1. Ah shit man, what Am I meant to read until then? This is the only blog I read. Andy maybe you can just tell us about life and love?

  2. oof! that's too bad.... but worth the healing time.. take your time, irritating as it must be.... xx Sister S