25 October 2009

Still running

Last week was fairly tough, with work-related stress compounded by jet-lag. All-in-all, I was glad when Friday came around, at which point the weekend started in earnest. Friday night was Carl's birthday in the Lansdowne, I went to the Ski Show on Saturday with Rob (who now looks unlikely to be running the MdS with me - gutting) and I'd been lucky enough to sort out a reservation last night at the pop-up Restaurant on the Roof. In the midst of all of this I managed a couple of runs. Again, neither especially long given my concern for my foot - six-milers. Pleasingly, I came through both unscathed, which is probably more than I can say for anyone unlucky enough to see me today, trying out my recently-purchased compression tights - apologies to anyone in the Victoria Park area who saw me and has presumably had to wash their eyes with soap/bleach/anything they can find before entering therapy.

I got a couple of snaps along the way but this week's winner was taken close to home, in front of Hitchcock's Reel on Leonard Street. Not sure quite what was going on but an odd-looking fella seemed to be fly-fishing for Ferraris. Weird. That's Shoreditch for you.


  1. How was restaurant on the roof?

  2. Mmmm, I suppose that is a mention but only just.

  3. compression tights - ;-) - excellent - any chance you will be wearing them on Sunday?? ........... xx

  4. In order:
    Nick - it was an awesome night actually. The food was predictably good but we also managed to pick some really decent wine and the service was great too.
    Carl - I'm sorry that I didn't make it clearer that I love you like a brother or, occasionally, like a sister.
    Jane - I'll probably be running to get to lunch on Sunday so I'll wear them if you really want.