09 August 2009

Kenwood House

Not a great deal to say about today's run. I ran back to my parents' for lunch, via Hampstead Heath. The pic is of Kenwood House, the well-proportioned Robert Adam building.

Now I'm back at home, two episodes into the third season of the Wire. Happy days.


  1. hey, how long does that run take you? where do you enter the heath?
    hope the folks were enjoyable and the lunch a good one.
    good to read your running ways, hope the knee is holding up :-)

  2. Hey sis - hope all's well in Oregon...

    Because I'm running along the Regent's Canal I end up getting to Camden Lock and then take a right up Ferdinand St (from Chalk Farm Road) so that I hit the Heath right at the South tip by the running track and swimming pool. Then I just run all the way through it - including Parliament Hill, which is a bit of a test!

    Yeah knee is still just about OK. Only 8 months to go before my big run, which means I'm going to have to up the mileage soon - it'll be interesting to see how it holds up...

    Lots of love x