14 June 2009

North Downs

Today's run was a bit hardcore - the North Downs 30k, nearly 19 miles of hilly cross-country terrain. Pleasingly, the race started from a leisure centre on Thong Lane and went through both Shorne and Lower Bush. Less pleasingly from my point of view, it was sunny. The first 10k went well enough. The second was pretty tough. The third was gruelling - a lot of up-and-down and, by that stage, I was tired (and salty). I haven't run that far since my marathon in 2006 and my training has been a little more erratic that I would have liked in the last month or so, and it showed. Nevertheless, I ended up finishing a shade under 2h45m, which I guess is pretty decent given the circumstances. Rob whipped my ass again. Highlights: finishing in one piece, the poppies (above), the marshals (and their life-saving jelly-babies) and the cake provided by the organisers at the end. It wasn't as pretty as the Pembrokeshire race but was fun in a really, really hard way.


  1. What was Rob's time?

  2. Yet again he whooped my ass - 2h33m. We were discussing this yesterday. He's beaten me every time we've run head-to-head (obviously, because he's much better than me) and yet I have a better marathon time and a better 10k time.

    Actually it's not that bizarre. We've run those races in very different conditions (e.g. my 10k in slight drizzle versus his at 9pm in a thunderstorm).