15 November 2009

Swine 'flu

I've had an odd few days. I got back from a work day in France on Thursday night and was suddenly overcome with chills, muscle aches and generally feeling like crap. I had the day off on Friday and my temperature went down from 38.4C to normal, which seemed reassuring, so I went out for a couple of pints on Friday night only to wake up at 5am-ish feeling like shit again. Same thing happened yesterday. Similarly, today has been OK apart from the profuse 5am sweats. I don't really deal well with being ill - the last time I can remember having a multi-day sickness was in my second year as an undergrad, when I had glandular fever, so this has come as something of a shock to the system. I just did the NHS online swine 'flu check for a laugh and apparently I qualify for anti-virals. As if I'm going to take those.

I managed to go out for a quick run yesterday. I'd been planning to take in the fireworks at the Lord Mayor's Show but there weren't any - checking the interweb now reveals they were cancelled due to high winds. That explains the fairly obvious lack of pyrotechnics then. I did manage to get a great shot of a 60-foot pissing man though, which was part of some kind of diabetes awareness campaign...

Hopefully I'll be up and running properly next week sometime.


  1. OK, so i know you will hate this but ginger tea with a generous pinch of Cayenne pepper.. let slices of ginger simmer in the water for 15 minutes then add the cayenne, honey, a splash of lemon.. drink.

    OK, so you will hate this too, take a ceramic spoon, like one of those you use to eat Asian soup/broth, with you to the shower/bath. have a super hot shower/bath and with the spoon edge scrape several times along the back of the neck, the trapezius and posterior sternocleidomastoid muscles so the blood is really drawn to the area. Make sure that this area then gets really warm from the hot water, and once out of the shower keep it warm, wrap up with scarf, do not let it cool down for some time...

    other than that, take it easy. rest. rest. rest.:)

  2. Ham School followed by Swine Flu?

    Any connection between the two?

    Alex P (Bermuda)